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Fun and caring

For a casual and free-spirited look, you won’t find much better than M.A.B.E Apparel. This relaxed fashion brand celebrates an endless summer, with everyday clothes that work just as well on the beach as they do when you’re running errands from home.

As well as its fun and floaty look, M.A.B.E is a brand with a strong conscience and a lot of love to give. Fast fashion is rejected outright, and each carefully crafted piece is made with natural, high-quality fabrics that both look and feel beautiful.

You’ll find a uniqueness here that’s uncommon in many brands, because only small quantities of each limited design are ever created. Not only is that better for our planet because of a reduction in waste, it means that you can purchase a piece that’s extra special and truly unique.


Inspired by the arts and India

Much of M.A.B.E’s look is inspired by trips to India, where creative patterns, lush colours and intricate detailing feeds into each individual design. Music, art and film, too, are a source of constant inspiration, creating the foundation of a brand that celebrates the beauty of the everyday.

The results are easy to see. Floaty designs speak of long summer days on the beach, subtle frills add a playful quality to each item, and lively patterns bring a real joy to your wardrobe.


M.A.B.E at Feather & Stitch

Each M.A.B.E item available at Feather & Stitch has been carefully selected to give you a wonderful choice of these playful designs. We really believe there’s something for everyone, from the tiered midi skirts and breezy dresses to billowing peasant blouses and lightweight jackets. Whether you’re planning your wardrobe for your next day on the beach, a garden party at home, or simply a trip to the shops, our M.A.B.E Apparel edit offers fun and relaxed items that will last for years.

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