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Belgian Americana

Bellerose was founded in 1989 by Patrick Van Heurck, an enthusiastic traveller and adventurer. As a fan of all things Americana, his travels took him to the USA on many occasions and it was on one of these trips that Van Heurck came across a village on Long Island called Bellerose. And so the brand name was found.

Though a Belgian business at heart, with all of their clothes designed in Belgium, there is still that Americana feel to many of their items, with natural tones, rustic patterns and relaxed fits throughout.

Beginning life as a men’s brand with a line of classic shirts, a women’s collection was added in 1998, designed by Laetitia Van Gindertael. The rest, as they say, is history, and the women’s collection has been a big hit ever since. From their stores in Belgium and Paris to select international stockists such as Feather & Stitch, Bellerose offers a nostalgic, Americana-type look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Sustainable and ethical clothing

Bellerose goes a long way to ensure its clothing is sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. Created with premium fabrics and great attention to detail, each piece is made to last. As far as Bellerose is concerned, if you get the quality right, then sustainability will follow, and we couldn’t agree more!

The brand’s ethical and sustainable credentials are numerous and impressive. Using natural fabrics as far as possible, they carefully research all materials as well as the suppliers they work with. They pride themselves on working with suppliers who are not only compliant with a strict social compliance charter, but who are often smaller, family-owned businesses away from the usual production hubs.

Not only do they design clothes that last, they offer free repairs when items have experienced some wear and tear. So you never have to say goodbye to your favourite Bellerose top just because of a small hole or a missing button.

People and environmental impact both matter greatly to Bellerose and the care that goes into creating their items just makes their clothing all the more desirable.

Bellerose at Feather & Stitch

Browse our collection of Bellerose tops, coats, jackets, blouses and knitwear both online and in-store.  As new Bellerose UK stockists, our edit has something for everyone and shows off the best of this brand.