Pink City Prints

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From Glasgow to Jaipur

A chance encounter in Jaipur inspired Glasgow School of Arts graduate Molly Russell to create this colourful brand. Named for Jaipur itself - which is known as the Pink City because of the rosy hues of many of its buildings - Pink City Prints aims to preserve traditional crafts of the region.

Living in Jaipur for six months of the year, Molly works alongside local artisan block printers, embroiderers and weavers, overseeing the whole process that forms her bold clothing.

Fair working

Molly was inspired to set up Pink City Prints when she was in Jaipur and saw how the people brought the city to life. So it’s no surprise that people are highly valued within the organisation. Not only are their rich craft skills appreciated and utilised, the work culture is fair, with 8-hour days, regular breaks, and salaries that are more than double the minimum wage.

Handmade and natural

Using techniques that have been passed down through generations, each item of clothing from Pink City Prints is worked on by hand. Hundreds of craftspeople work with the company, bringing their unique skills to the table and preserving age-old techniques in block printing, hand looming and hand embroidery.

The skill that goes into each item of clothing is enhanced by the materials that are carefully selected. Naturally sourced fibres are chosen for their low environmental impact and their high quality. Organic and hand-spun cotton makes up much of their clothing.

Care is taken with textile waste, too. Small-batch production means that waste is minimal, with none going into landfill. Old and unused stock is donated to charity or used to raise money for causes, and offcuts are salvaged to create packaging and accessories.

Beautiful clothing, made with care

With so much time, care and attention going into each item of clothing, it’s no surprise that Pink City Prints dresses and tops are so gorgeous. A single dress can take days to make, and the results are stunning. The pretty, feminine designs are truly unique, with a floaty, bohemian look that is so well-suited to life in the idyllic slow lane.

Here at Feather & Stitch, we just love this popular sustainable brand and are sure that you will too.