Accessories to Gift this Christmas

15 December 2023

For that much-loved fashionista in your life, a beautiful pair of earrings or a thoughtful stylish accessory will make the perfect Christmas gift. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend, or a family member, browse our recommendations for a festive treat.


Nothing says Christmas like a dazzling pair of earrings. And they’re a fabulous gift that will last for years to come..

Caroline Svedbom

Caroline Svedbom’s earrings are effortlessly classy and always beautiful. These will never go out of style thanks to the carefully crafting and elegant look. The Mini Dione earrings in gold crystal are really striking and perfect for a special occasion. Or, for something more colourful, the Mini Antonia loops add just the right pop to an outfit. If you’re buying for someone who likes a touch of the bohemian, the Evanna’s will be right up their street.

Essentiel Antwerp

Bold and bright, Essentiel Antwerp’s earrings are the perfect addition to a fun-loving style. The dramatic Edina earrings are chunky and absolutely fabulous - ideal for making a statement. If you love a bit of fun but don’t want to go quite so large, then take a look at the cheeky leopard-and-heart Eoli earrings or the rhinestone studded Estimate beetle earrings.

Pernille Corydon

Binding together simplicity and timelessness, Danish brand Pernille Corydon has perfected the art of understated sophistication. From the classic gold Orbit hoops to the sun-inspired Daylight earrings, Pernille Corydon offers up the perfect gift ideas for the jewellery lover with a style that’s classy and unfussy.

Bags and purses

Bellerose is a go-to designer for bags of all shapes and sizes with small bags, big bags, and everything in between!

Ready for anything

The spacious Nirya bag is ideal for the style-lover who carries everything but the kitchen sink. The supple and smooth leather tote has space for everyday essentials like your phone and purse, office must-haves such as your laptop or tablet, and everything else from a bottle of water to a book. You’ll find plenty of space for it all.

Perfectly petite

Wear it round your waist, over your shoulder or across your chest - the Rosie bag is a must-have accessory, however you sling it. Available in five separate colours - from classic black to vibrant pink - you can select a shade that your giftee will absolutely adore.

Conveniently adaptable

The light weight of the Hanomy bag makes it ultra easy to wear. Add to that its adjustable and removable strap, rich copper tones, and gentle shimmer, and what’s not to love? Wear it as a bag in its own right, or pop it into a larger tote to keep your smaller items together.


A belt is often the final flourish that wraps up an entire look, which is why one makes the perfect Christmas gift! We love two looks by Bellerose: the Saba belt in cognac is a real classic. Made from leather, with an elegant antique silver buckle, it goes with absolutely everything.

For a pop of colour, instead opt for the Samny belt. Crafted with hair on leather, its bougainvillea colour will make any outfit look bright and cheerful.

Essential warming accessories

We’ve all got that one friend who’s always cold. And in these chillier months its even more important to wrap up. Fortunately, there’s no need to choose warmth over fashion with these Bellerose accessories that are both stylish and cosy.

Madina gloves

A pair of fluffy mittens is just the ticket for keeping your fingers warm when it’s cold out. The grey faux fur, leather palms and ribbed cuffs are all designed to keep in the heat, and the fuzzy look adds a fun touch to any outfit.

360 wrap

Nothing staves off the winter chill like a huge scarf! The 360 Wrap is long enough to wrap twice around your neck, keeping away any icy winds and gusting gales. A luxurious oversized scarf that comes in black, blue or brown and is made from 100% cashmere. We know this is going to be a favourite for many cold months ahead!

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