Let’s Talk Scandi Leather

January 2023

We highly recommend the brand MDK (Munderingskompagniet) and there are four styles we want to tell you about. A leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and we have got three options, all equally as popular so it’s down to personal preference.

The Seattle New Thin in Black (£349) which comes with tassle sleeves and front zipper. It’s butter soft and lightweight and is highly recommended as an all year-round piece. It can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans or trousers and is a great way to toughen up your look. You can wear a lovely pink floral dress from Pink City Prints for example and throw on a lovely leather jacket and it makes you look more urban and up to date.

What size?

Let’s give you some guiding in on sizing. A 36 is a UK10, 38 is a UK12 and so on. You could find yourself in between sizes, in which case stick to 36 if you’re a small, 38 if medium, 40 if large

It’s slightly heavier sister is the Seattle Leather Jacket (£329), again a wardrobe staple, it’s just heavier and more rigid and more of a traditional biker jacket. It’s got lovely chunky zips, and it’s really hard to choose between the two. We couldn’t so we stock both! What may sway you is it’s £20 less than the thin!

One we absolutely love and looks particularly good with a high waisted jean, or a dress or skirt is the slightly more unusual jacket called the Rucy leather jacket (£319). This comes up very small so go up a size. It has lovely tassles on the three zips. It’s not based on the biker and is a much neater fit. This is very popular in the spring and summer months, and if you have a leather jacket already, this will be a new style to you and it’s available in black. It’s a little bit cropped hence why it looks great with dresses and skirts.

Elevate your look

I just think these are great styles to elevate your look. Leather has a way of bringing a touch of luxury to any outfit. And even though they have a higher price point we guarantee you will wear them a few times a week. They’re great to travel with, could be semi smart work jackets, and equally fab on a weekend night out. They get a 5-star rating from us and some of our customers as you’ll see from the website.

We truly believe in leather and if you’re not looking for a jacket but do love a leather trouser, then we would highly recommend the Iris leather trouser (£329) from MDK for which we just can’t keep up with the demand, especially in the black colour. We have more coming into stock at the beginning of March.

At the moment we have stock of the oh-so-chic huckleberry (burgundy) which looks particularly good with black, grey or navy blue. If you don’t like that shade, a very easy to wear colour is the dark green as featured in Hello magazine recently. Throw these on with a jean belt and a little blouse or knit, either a pair of trainers or ankle boots, or even a heel for the evening and you’re guarantee to get some compliments on your stylish look

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