How to Style the Cargo Pant

22 March 2024

The Y2K trend is well and truly back IN, but this time with even more variety and style. The relaxed look and multi-pockets are still there, but now we’ve got a range of colours and materials to mix it up for day and night.

Take a look at these options for styling your cargo pants to be on point with this fabulous fashion.

Shoes to wear with cargo pants

Trainers for weekend style

With a relaxed trouser, what could be better than a relaxed shoe? That’s why trainers are the perfect footwear for casual cargo pants. You can keep going all weekend with this comfortable option and it’s an easy enough job to throw on your favourite pair of trainers with your choice of cargo pants for an effortless look. We particularly love trainers with the Alexis cargo jeans by Paige Jeans or the low rise canvas Thorpe trousers by Day Birker et Mikkelsen.

Heels for a night on the town

Cargo pants are no longer the domain of daytime looks and casual clothes. With so many styles to choose from, we’ve now got options for stylish evenings out too. Find an elevated cargo pant, just like the Malika pant by Paige Jeans, and pair it with your best heels. A pop of gold works well with the Malika. Add your favourite blouse and you’ll be dazzled by the amazing going-out look that you’ve created!

Sandals for warmer days

The warmer days are coming, so we need to start looking at footwear to match. For another laid-back look, slip on some sliders and then go. Or you could go completely the other way and dress your outfit up with some outstanding stiletto sandals. Show them off with a slightly cropped trouser like the straight legged Drew cargo jeans by Paige.

Tops to wear with cargo pants

Silk blouses for an elevated look

Once upon a time, we would never have considered a silk blouse with a cargo paint, but those day are long gone. Now, with the right choice of trousers, a blouse adds a wonderfully feminine look to a cargo-inspired outfit. Dea Kudibal has some absolutely stunning silk blouses that can be paired with their own cargo pant offering: the elegant Carita trousers in creme.

Classic white tees for retro casualness

The classic white tee is such a versatile piece, and cargo pants are just another item of clothing it goes well with. Combine yours with Paige's Harper Utility jeans - the distressed vintage denim look is a killer combo with a plain white t-shirt, and a tigh-fitting top with the wide leg of the jeans will make a fabulous contrast. Or, for a more traditional khaki-coloured cargo pant, try a white tee tucked into the Wide leg Cargo jean by FRAME Jeans.

Jackets to wear with cargo pants

Light jackets for cooler summer days

A light jacket is just the thing to keep by your side and throw on when things get a little cooler. BA&SH has sorted us out with a full outfit too: the Maroon trousers, khaki coloured cargo pants with a tapering leg and a pleated waist, go so well with the knitted Gaspard cardigan with its bold gold buttons and small shoulder pads. Or throw in a bit more colour with the Daria jacket, brought to you by Sacrécoeur.

Blazers for a powerful look

A blazer can elevate any kind of outfit, and with the right type of cargo pant you can walk into any party or event and feel on top of the world. Match colours for a fully suited look, or mix it up for a eye-catching contrast. The Dea Kudibal Carita trousers are our choice once again for this kind of look, or the Malika by Paige.